Sanatorium Dolina Narzanov

Uritskogo str, 1, Kislovodsk, Stavropol region, 357700

About sanatorium

Balneoclimatology is a medical discipline that deals with the action of natural physical and chemical factors of the environment (including natural mineral water and curative mud) on the human organism and the possibility of using them for medical purposes.

Kislovodsk (“sour waters”) received its name from the slightly sour taste of Narzan mineral water. The main Narzan mineral water spring is situated within the city limits. The Dolina Narzanov Resort The resort lies within the walking distance from the spring.

The Dolina Narzanov Resort has been built in the Art Nouveau style.

It consists of eleven buildings, among them hotel, medical facilities, sports and recreation and office buildings. The fully restored historic estate of our resort covers an area of 1 ha. Imperial Russia´s nobility used it as a summer retreat, later it became a Ministry of Transportation resort.

The resort can accommodate up to a maximum of 334 guests.

Narzan mineral water has always been renowned for its healing properties, but today the need for them has grown exponentially - current environmental conditions and nutrition requirements demand the new pathways to health improvement.

Natural mineral water has been used for this purpose since ancient times, and still not too many natural remedies come even close.  Guaranteed.

The Dolina Narzanov Kislovodsk achieved 4 star rating (international classification).